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Get to Know Me

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Do you enjoy travel? I believe in the magic of "Walkabout."

Many cultures send their adolescents on walkabout during their formative years.


Change seems to be the only constant as we humans journey through life. My grandmother was a Sinti gypsy, and I chose a digital nomad life rich in challenges and new perspectives.


As I meet you wherever you are today for a coaching session, I will draw on my colorful life experiences. I am multi-lingual and multi-cultural; I am a late mom to three spirited kids and an entrepreneur. I have an MBA in Corporate Finance and almost three decades of experience in international corporate Human Resource Management.


I am a career, leadership, and executive coach. I am also a Life and Mental Health Coach.
My formal training and approach to coaching are holistic, while my presence is very pragmatic and lighthearted. Therefore, I will invite you to use the power of laughter, flow and mindfulness as we navigate the various realms (cognitive, emotional, relational, spiritual, somatic) that weave your life.


It's amazing what happens when you pay attention to your attention.

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